Bag Doogle

This is a little cartoony rig I’ve been working on for practice. Features a ribbon spine, control spaces, nudges that follow the deforming skin and some automated squash and stretch. Freely available for use and dissection to all.

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Well, it seems the universe has stepped in and decided to push me out of my comfort zone. As of the end of this year, I will no longer be employed with Southern Graphic Systems because they’re closing our branch. While that might sound like a tragedy (and may turn into one financially) right now it feels pretty liberating. I’ve not been willing to pursue my dreams because my job offered my family stability (and let’s be honest, a bit of cowardice). Now that stability is gone and I’ve nothing but me in the way.


 I’m so horrible about keeping up on this thing. I’ve been working, mostly in learning python, zbrush, etc. Never as productive as I want to be. Life always distracting me away. However, here’s something I worked on for a few months in my spare time. It was based off concept art for the game Wildstar.
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Out of the loop…

Had some big changes at work that kind of derailed me for a bit. Took on the role of pre-press manager, leading the department. Paid more, but also took up more of my time, so my art was allowed to slip. I’m up to speed now and looking to get back on track here with regular updates. Currently working on finishing out blendshape targets in Maya for a head rig which I will then render tests using Pixar’s PRMan, so lots of new learning going on. While the visuals may not be terribly exciting, I’ll share them here as I get them. I also wrote the first draft of my first novel in the time between, so new posts may feature that as well. To sum up, the quiet is over, more to come.