30 Day Challenge – Day 19

Spent all of yesterday working with Healthcare.gov. The struggle is real. Today’s assignment my “ideal” day. Well, with my ideal day, I’m going to assume my ideal level of energy and attention. So, here we go.

Wake: 10AM. Why so late you ask? Because I like dreaming, and I only remember my dreams well if I’m not pushed out of sleep by an alarm clock.

10-11, Yoga, Shower, Breakfast, in whatever order suits me.

11-12, Business. E-mails, phone calls, what have you.

12-3, Art. Blocking out poses for animation. Sculpting. Rigging. Whatever the hell takes my fancy.

3-4, Lunch and a walk or better yet, a swim, because it’s summer; this is the ideal day, remember.

4-6, Art, cleanup. This is the time for polishing, details, nitpicking and the more “work” elements of art.

6-9, Family time and dinner. Specifically time spent with the wife, talking and doing god damn NOTHING, important.

9+, Fun. Can be art, can be games, but must be FUN. Continue until collapse for sleep anywhere between 11PM and 2AM.

Not very business oriented, I grant you. Childish in it’s naivety, maybe, but you asked for ideal. This society beats into my head, day after day, that I’ve got to achieve and provide. I would LOVE if that could just happen without all the structure and work. I would love to feel free again, like my time was my time and not something I had to trade or barter off for survival.