30 Day Challenge – Day 21

“Emotional food groups.” Been away from the blog for a couple days due to too much going on. This day’s topic was about looking at emotional states to achieve a balance that is healthful.

Worry. I’m a binge worrier. I can picture myself with a giant bag of “worry chips” sitting on a sofa just gnawing on them. It eats my time and paralyzes. Worry is healthful, in a small concentration or serving. It drives you to act. It’s when it’s over indulged in is when it becomes bad.

What makes me happy is working on things, in the moment. Not trying to figure out the plan, but executing the plan. It’s doing the work that makes me happy. Solving problems, when things are concrete and I can do something to fix it NOW. That’s what I like, that’s when I feel good about things. I find that planning too far ahead just turns into worry for me. To use a different analogy, I’m not included to look to the mountain top that I’m climbing. I’m inclined to focus on the cliff face and the next hand hold.

As for what recharges me, when I’ve over indulged in worry, quite often it’s a disconnect. I let myself meander. Being without direction is the most restful state for me. It’s the state of no stress. To trot out the old Bruce Lee quote, “Empty your mind. Be formless, shapeless. Like water.”