30 Day Challenge – Day 3

Today’s is “What Music Moves You”. We’re to find our “power song”, a song, which Ryan describes essentially as causing a kundalini response, though he didn’t use the term. The description though was perfectly familiar to me. I can name several such songs (which I’ll list below the break.)

Running Up That Hill, Kate Bush. This has been THE SONG for me since High School. It’s one of the first that gave me the sensation that I learned eventually was called kundalini awakening. Note, I’m not a yogi (though I practice yoga, I do so for the physical benefit not the spiritual). I’m not Hindu, I don’t subscribe to their belief systems. However, their language describes my experience in this case. I’m a pragmatist.

Clint Mansell, Death Is The Road To Awe, The Fountain Soundtrack. This track and this film overall inspired this reaction from me. One of the most powerful films I’ve ever seen. A whole lot of folks didn’t like it or didn’t get it. That’s the way of things though. For me, it was a pearl.

Enigma, Rivers of Belief, MCMXC. Another old one, but one that’s reliably evoked this response in me over the years. This whole album is designed as around effecting that experience. It’s not techno dance music, and the later work done by the band never really live up to the quality of this original album.