30 Day Challenge – Day 4

Today’s exercise is “How does your art… taste, feel, smell, sound?” This one’s a little weird. The idea is to engage the creative juices through a non-standard interpretation of the work. Amusingly enough, literalist that I am, I immediately pull up some of my stuff and my imagination starts feeding back what it would feel like to run my hands over it… something that I can never do as that it’s on the computer. The result is surprising. The brain’s an amazing machine. It picked out sense impressions from a hundreds of memories and just put them right in. I don’t think that’s what Ryan’s looking for though. I think he wants abstractions, not concrete sensual experiences.

So to that end, I’m just going with first thing to mind. Taste, acrid, acid, tang, like grapefruit or lime. That works into smell as well. Citrus, zest, as in the kind you get from scraping a fruit. Feel? Smooth, like marble or some other carved stone. Not polished though, in between polished and the rough. Fingers finding nicks and crevices that had yet to me smoothed out. Sound? A hum… a low frequency hum. Almost a feeling but not quite, with the occasional bell or chime tone in resonance with it. Definitely not musical, but ambient.