30 Day Challenge – Day 5

“Find your success state.” The state’s basically described as being in “flow”, as it’s often called. We’re to bring up a memory of being in that state and then: describe what your body was doing in that state; and what was your mind doing while in that state; what were you feeling in that state. Flow to me is a pretty quiet state. I work at the computer, so I’m generally sitting. I’m relaxed and I’m focused. More than focused, engrossed. Forgetful of the world. I generally sit half lotus in my chair, so that’s sort of a key thing I do physically. Emotion wise, I don’t know that I’d call it happy or sad. It’s too quiet for ecstasy or joy. Those would be distracting. Flow for me is quiet, calm, placid, meditative. The task calls for three words for each, body, mind, emotion. So body: seated half lotus, still, relaxed. Mind: focused, clear, forgetful. Emotion: calm, placid, meditative.