30 Day Challenge – Day 6

“Don’t get carpal tunnel.” Basically simple exercises to strengthen posture and activate dormant upper body. Don’t know that this one was worth a blog post, but I’m putting this up out of a sense of completeness. Not so much an issue with me with the regular basic yoga I do and Aikido. However, I do have mousing issues due to my addiction to MMOs, specifically Wildstar. So the question becomes, how to deal with that. My general strategy is simply not to use a mouse at all. I use a Wacom tablet for everything. I’ve found through my years in graphics that this is the most valuable accommodation I can make with regards to my arm and hand health. My second thing is that when I begin to feel stiff (hour or two in the chair) I get up and run through my basic yoga routine. The arm extension exercise though is always a killer. Arms out to the side, small circles. It doesn’t seem like it would do much, but the weight and the leverage add up quickly. I lift weights and am generally considered a little tank, but forty reps of those circles and my delts are quite starved. Hundred or so a day seems like a good way to wake them up.