30 Day Challenge – Day 9

Today’s assignment is to go back over the limiting beliefs from Day 8 and unpack and rephrase them into empowering ones.

Rule #1, “I have to provide for my family.” Well, to be fair to myself, I did. I did for twenty years. Circumstances have changed now. I can’t, today, do what I did. Powers beyond my control closed that plant and forced this change. I might have never moved on, because while not comfortable, I was fulfilling rule #1. Now the universe says, “No. For the time being, you’re out of that role, like it or not.” It makes me feel meandering, like spilled water. That doesn’t rephrase the belief though, getting all mystical about it. What then? “My family’s well being is important to me.” Better. Eliminates the imperative of putting all of the burden on me, while still affirming the importance. Allows well being to be a priority to be measured against other priorities. Allows some flexibility.

Rule #2, “I’m not good enough to do this.” Well that, I don’t really know. I’m building reel now. I’m taking a class soon to expand my range. I’m working on it. I’ve never stopped working on it, really. What it is is that I’ve not been tested. I’ve not let myself be tested because of my fears and because of rule #1. Can only be a white belt for so long though, to ground it in Aikido practice. Some time, you have to test, to measure your progress and direct your practice. “Doing this (being a professional artist) isn’t contingent on my current abilities, it’s contingent on my ability to keep practicing.” You get better by working, so just keep working. Do what  you have to to feed yourself, clothe yourself. Don’t stop though. Just keep working at it.

Rule #3, “I’m not in the right place to get this sort of work” and implicitly “I can’t leave.” Well that’s just wrong now. I can leave. If an opportunity comes, I’ll need to leave. Simply, if I’m going to practice this as a trade, I’ll have to go where they will pay me. I’ve known that for a long time, but rule #1 always prevented me from facing the fact. Rule #1 though no longer applies. The family’s survival is not contingent on my sole support. “I can go where I need to go to do this work.”

Rule #4, “There’s too much competition, positions are scarce.” Well one, I don’t know how much competition there is. I believe there is too much competition. Two, I’m not looking to get a job at Pixar. I’m looking to get a job animating. I don’t care if it’s commercial, games, films. I’m open. That widens the field. “Somewhere, in the field, there is a place I can fill.”

Rule #5, “I’m not a good salesman. I can’t close.” That, my friend is simply bullshit. I’m not a used car salesman. I’m not trying to sell folks a lemon. I’m not trying to make a commission, no matter what a client really needs. I’m not THAT sort of sales man. People need help. Projects need competent workers. All selling “me” is is providing them with the help they need. “People need my help. I just have to find out who and how I can help them.” That’s what selling looks like for me.