30 Day Challenge – Days 17 & 18

Link to tracking sheet. Had issues with this one. The assignment was to track 15 minute increments, but I found that: 1. I tend to forget to reset the timer after an entry, and 2. if I’m not at a computer, it’s hard to be “exact” about things. So I need to improve on keeping myself accountable and make that part of the “job”. I’ll research apps; maybe there’s some sort of reminder/nag app that can help keep me on target. Sketching out my day though, I can do fairly easily.

8:00 – Wake, Breakfast Coffee. Slow start.

9:00 – Yoga

9:30 – Shower, Dress.

10:00 Work.

1:00 Lunch.

2:00 Work.

5:00 Begin Dinner Prep

6:00 Dinner

6:30 Family time.

9:00 Wind down, Games.

11:00 Bed.

A quick review of that shows me that that’s only 6 hours work a day, at best. That excludes any interruptions and or attention wandering. However, time when people are in the house and available for social interaction don’t really change and make focus difficult for me. So no time is to be had there; 6-9PM block is fixed. Attention for work after 9:00 is not realistic either. Physiologically, I’m winding down at that point. Eight hour sleep would put wake at 7. 7 AM wake wouldn’t impinge on April’s (wife) getting ready time, so long as I was not getting in the shower. Compress startup to half hour.

7:00 Wake, Yoga.

7:30 Shower, Dress, Breakfast.

8:00 Work.

11:00 Lunch.

12:00 Work.

3:00 Break.

3:30 Work.

5:30 Begin Dinner Prep.

6:30 Dinner. Family Time.

9:00 Wind Down.

11:00 Bed.

That schedule would grant me two more hours work time. I might be able to shift one more hour out of nightly play time for early sleep and earlier wake.

6:00 Wake, Yoga.

6:30 Shower, Dress, Breakfast.

7:00 Work.

10:00 Break.

10:30 Work.

1:30 Lunch.

2:30 Work.

5:30 Dinner Prep.

6:30 Family Time.

9:00 Wind Down, Personal Time.

10:00 Bed.

That nets nine hours of work, about 150% of what we’re getting now, without impacting sleep. Cuts fun a bit tight though. Also, I tend to be a night person. Will experiment between the two.