30 Day Challenge – Days 17 & 18

Link to tracking sheet. Had issues with this one. The assignment was to track 15 minute increments, but I found that: 1. I tend to forget to reset the timer after an entry, and 2. if I’m not at a computer, it’s hard to be “exact” about things. So I need to improve on keeping myself accountable and make that part of the “job”. I’ll research apps; maybe there’s some sort of reminder/nag app that can help keep me on target. Sketching out my day though, I can do fairly easily.

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30 Day Challenge – Day (15) 16

Day 15, “Commit to a change in your environment.” Working on it. Getting a big mirror out of the basement for reference. Money’s tight, so no boxwoods or sculpting hot box at the moment, but I can make a space for that eventually. The mirror will help right now and I have one.

Day 16, “Non-sense starters.” Stream of Consciousness, writing starters. Pattern creation out of mental chaos.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 14

“Oxygen”. Today’s assignment back to beliefs and how they, together with fuel, feed the fire of artistic creation. We’re to come up with one example where we exceeded our own expectations of our abilities. The first thing that popped to mind for me was musical composition back in college. Item of note, I was not a music major. My musical knowledge to this day would be at best called rudimentary. I don’t play. That said, I took Piano, Music Theory and Composition as electives while I was at Kalamazoo College. “WTF?!” Yes.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 12 & 13


Day 12, “Environment,” so this is my space. It’s pretty humble. These days pretty much all of my work is on the computer. Been years since I’ve been at an easel or had a set of box woods in my hand. Should really fix that, now that I have the time during the day. My “mess” is quite limited in comparison to Mr. Bacon (Francis Bacon’s studio was the subject of the environment lecture). I’ve never been that chaotic in my inner thinking our outer space.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 10 & 11

Combining these two, because they’re kind of intrinsically related and the actually assignments for them are a bit muddled. Day 10’s was “Spark, finding inspiration.” Basically it just called on us to find something that interested us, made us curious. Of course, I totally hit the wall there, because my interests are so varied, I’m like that damn dog from “Up”… “Squirrel!” Day 11’s was “Fuel, finding what to feed that inspiration.” The assignment was to get up and find material that can get translated by the “spark” into fire. I broke the rules and jumped ahead going out for a walk, getting away from the computer, and trying to get some quiet.

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