30 Day Challenge – Day 6

“Don’t get carpal tunnel.” Basically simple exercises to strengthen posture and activate dormant upper body. Don’t know that this one was worth a blog post, but I’m putting this up out of a sense of completeness. Not so much an issue with me with the regular basic yoga I do and Aikido. However, I do have mousing issues due to my addiction to MMOs, specifically Wildstar. So the question becomes, how to deal with that.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 5

“Find your success state.” The state’s basically described as being in “flow”, as it’s often called. We’re to bring up a memory of being in that state and then: describe what your body was doing in that state; and what was your mind doing while in that state; what were you feeling in that state. Flow to me is a pretty quiet state.

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30 Day Challenge – Day 4

Today’s exercise is “How does your art… taste, feel, smell, sound?” This one’s a little weird. The idea is to engage the creative juices through a non-standard interpretation of the work. Amusingly enough, literalist that I am, I immediately pull up some of my stuff and my imagination starts feeding back what it would feel like to run my hands over it… something that I can never do as that it’s on the computer. The result is surprising. The brain’s an amazing machine. It picked out sense impressions from a hundreds of memories and just put them right in. I don’t think that’s what Ryan’s looking for though. I think he wants abstractions, not concrete sensual experiences.

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